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Reshape your patient's nose in 3D and reproduce the results on the operating table

Our 3D printed custom made surgical nasal guides for rhinoplasty bridges the gap between patient expectations and surgical results. Register now to experience the benefits of our solution.

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Orthonose Surgery

The most reliable technology for nose surgery

Dorsal hump

Reduction of the dorsal hump

The surgeon checks dorsal hump reduction against the guide to ensure that the nasal bridge matches the patient's 3D simulated nose.

Nasal deviation

Correction of the nasal deviation

Re-alignment of the apparent nasal deviation according to the exact specifications of the patient's 3D simulated nose.

Tip irregularity

Irregularity of the tip

Corrections of the tip of the nose with a minimal margin of error based on the patient's esthetic expectations.

Our solution

Eliminates patient uncertainties for a no-surprise rhinoplasty

What will my future nose look like? Will my face have a harmonious look? Has my surgeon understood all of my requests?

We understand that rhinoplasty can be a stressful surgical procedure, which is why we created Orthonose Surgery. Our nasal guide is designed for your patients through their procedures, minimizing the risk of error and optimizing the final result.

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Our approach

Quality at every stage of nasal surgery

01 Design & Build

The patient's face is scanned in 3D using a handheld scanner during the initial consultation with the surgeon. We reshape the nose following your instructions. Once you've validated the post-surgical simulation, we will start building your surgical guide.

02 Surgery

The surgeon uses the guide to fit the patient's nose exactly to their expectations, taking the guess-work out of rhinoplasty for a no-surprise result.

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Quality surgery
Successful Rhinoplasty
Our benefits

The assurance of a successful and worry-free rhinoplasty

Surgical expertise

Developed in Collaboration with rhinoplasty surgeons.

Quality & accuracy focused

8+ years of research to create a solution in our laboratories in France.

Cutting edge technologies

Orthonose supports surgical skill with the latest 3D technologies from software and 3D scanning to surgical guides.

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We will work together to provide the best solution for your patients.

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Our benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a surgical guide?

A surgical guide is a tool used by surgeons that restricts or measures free-hand surgical gestures in order to minimise the margin for error during surgery. In the case of the Orthonose Surgery nasal guide, surgical alterations to the nasal anatomy are measured against the guide with the ultimate goal of reducing the distance between the guide and the nasal anatomy.

What are the common aesthetic abnormalities that can be treated by rhinoplasty?

The most common aesthetic nasal abnormalities include nasal deviation, tip irregularity/assymetry and dorsal hump.

How can I access my scan?

You will recieve an email from us with a link to create your patient profile on our online platform. No special operating system/equipement necessary, you be able to visualise your scan from your normal web browser via your phone or your computer.

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